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Child labor ended years ago in the United State all because of such Unions and grassroots group that came together and helped fought against it. The groups came up with different strategies that still applies today, such as, free education for all children in America and organized for their groups. Since the ending of child labor, all children received free education in the United State.  Nowadays for a child to get any job in the United State you must have a working permit for you to be approved to work.  

China economy is growing because it has a massive work force, most of these work force are composed of children who work day and night in factories and mines where they receive low wages. About ten percent of Chinese children hold a full time job instead of going to school each year. They make over thousands of goods everyday that are mostly shipped to such western countries like the United States and England.

This is a labor agreement saying that each child shouldn't work under the conditions they are working through. They would usually put an 'X" on their names because a lot of the children couldn't read. 


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